Oh Em Gee, I may have done it… #marketing, #amwriting, #ihatetechnology, #writingtools


My “first” blog was back two months ago. Now I have a much better first ACTUAL blog post!

I am not fond of technology. I do, literally, have quill pens and calligraphy pens that I enjoy using.  I have notebooks upon notebooks of actual paper in physical three-ring binders where I write drafts and notes and stuff. I am on a first name basis with my local office supply store and art supply store.

Mind you, I can use MS Word successfully to get my freelance jobs done. Updates are highly stressful times in my life though.

I was, informed, however, that charts in MS Word are not actually spreadsheets.

Excel is its own scary magic…

In any case, it took me FOREVER to find a WordPress template with as few bells and whistles as possible that was “intuitive” to the way my brain works. But I think I am finally satisfied with the outcome. I can work with this.  Now… to figure the heck out how to add all my other stuff on other pages.

Also, I have been informed I also need to figure out Twitter.

A shipment of magic beans from Sumatra, Mexico, or Hawaii would be much appreciated in these endeavors.